Top 6 Benefits of GPS Vehicle Trackers for Fleet Management
Top 6 Benefits of GPS Vehicle Trackers for Fleet Management

It is the desire of every fleet owner to achieve the highest level of efficiency. GPS vehicle trackers enable you to monitor crucial aspects of your vehicles on 24/7 basis. This is important for planning besides ensuring that all vehicles adhere to the stipulated code of conduct. Below are other benefits of using trackers to manage your fleet.

Improve Fleet performance

GPS tracking provides minute by minute tabular reports on the performance of the vehicle. The reports include dashboard status, total distance traveled in a day and the route used. This means that your drivers will follow the assigned route and only make approved trips. You can monitor departures and arrivals as well as delays with the aim of taking appropriate action.
TrackSec GPS Tracking Geo-fence Setting
Figure 1. TrackSec Fleet Performance Reports List

TrackSec Fleet Performance Reports List
Figure 2. TrackSec GPS Tracking Geo-fence Setting

Driver Performance

Drivers are aware that their behavior is being monitored on full time basis. They will therefore adhere to their assignment, speed limits, route and schedules. This will improve efficiency as your vehicles and trips become more reliable. Dashboard reports ensure that drivers are more careful with the vehicles, cargo and passengers. They will avoid over speeding, sudden breaking and acceleration, excessive idling and stick to stipulated routes. With the RFID reader, you can identify the driver and authentication. This creates an honest work environment that is more productive for your business.

It Is Economical

Fleet GPS tracking makes your overall operation more economical. TrackSec Ultrasonic Fuel Sensor can detect the fuel consumption level continually to avoid fuel theft, fuel leakage or unreasonable consumption. There is no wastage of time or resources since drivers will stick to their schedule and avoid unnecessary idling. You also can monitor fuel use in real time to avoid siphoning. Dashboard reports ensure that drivers take better care of your vehicles. They will serve you longer and give you better value for money. You do not have to guess when planning or managing your fleet.

Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Micro GPS trackers are concealed away from the view of unauthorized persons. This will prevent tampering in case the vehicle is stolen. It will reduce recovery time in case the vehicle is stolen while on duty. This minimizes the chances of damage to property or injuries to your crew. There also are options to remotely immobilize the vehicle in case it is stolen or the driver fails to adhere to stipulated rules and routes.

Real Time Monitoring

There are incredible benefits of real time monitoring in fleet management. It gives you an actual report of each vehicle which simplifies planning. Real time monitoring also allows you to identify deviation from authorized routes and schedules in the shortest time possible. You also can intervene within a short time in case of unexpected action by drivers which includes immobilizing the vehicle remotely. Real time reports allow you to monitor fuel consumption and engine idling to enhance efficiency.

Real Time Notifications

The End to End Logistics notifications allows real time monitoring of consignments. The tracking system is integrated with the existing data systems to enable automatic feeding and update of related trip and delivery data. This information is relayed to several centers to avoid tampering.

GPS car trackers enhance the efficiency of your fleet. They make fleet management easier and more reliable. This is a revolutionary way to ensure that you get value for money from your fleet.

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