Top 4 Tips for Car Rental Companies to Save Money and Decrease Risk with TrackSec GPS Tracker

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GPS tracker becomes an indispensable tool for many industries. The applications are very broad from personal tracking, mobile asset tracking, truck fleet management etc. Among them, GPS tracker is particularly important for car rental companies. More and more GPS trackers are installed by car rental companies to improve their service quality, save money and reduce risk. If your car rental company still hasn’t install GPS trackers for your fleet, please check the tips below to see how the GPS trackers can help you to save money and decrease risk.

Tip 1: Real-time positioning the vehicle and find it with the fastest speed, when the vehicle broken.

Many car rental companies have this experience that the customer renting a car has problems in describing its position in case of a car breakdown. Car rental companies are often tedious work to locate the vehicle. The customer may complain about car rental company is unable to provide quick and professional service in time. For car rental company, it is very difficult to get the suitable service to help customers.

TrackSec vehicle GPS tracking solutions can make this situation much easier:
– Real-time Position and View via Smartphone or Web browser
Using TrackSec free GPS tracking client software, you can instantly to locate the customer’s latest position and the specific status of the car. Is it engine off or drive? How about is the speed?

– SOS Emergence Alarm
The driver can press a SOS button to generate a SOS emergence alarm for car rental company, so that you can arrange the closest rental office to visit the car breakdown.

Tip 2: Recover a stolen vehicle

When a rental vehicle is stolen, the customer may face serious problems. Car rental company also face a big risk of loss.

With this features of TrackSec GPS tracker, you have the most likely to recover the stolen vehicles:
– Real time tracking.
You can locate the latest position of the vehicle and get to know the detailed status of the car. This information includes the vehicle name, model. engine status, speed etc.
– Geo-fence alert and movement alarm
TrackSec devices enable car rental company predefine up to 5 different areas. Once the vehicle go in or leave the predefined area, the GPS tracker can generate an alarm. The car rental company can inform and confirm the situation with customer, so that to recover the vehicle in time.
– Remote Engine Cut off
From GPS tracker, you can possible to remote cut off the engine, making the theft restart the vehicle again.

Tip 3: Extend your vehicle lifetime

Vehicle rapid aging and depreciation will speed up the vehicles replacement for car rental companies. This will greatly increase the cost of the company. Timely maintenance can keep your fleet in an optimal condition. So how can we track every vehicles maintenance time? With Tracksec GPS trackers you can easy manage them.
– Mileage calculate
Set an alarm when the mileage reaches the suitable amount to remind the best time to perform maintenance.

Tip 4: Customize your fare as per customer’s driving behavior

Over speed, harsh driving and other bad driving behaviors will dramatically increase the maintenance cost and damaging risk for the rental vehicles. With TrackSec GPS Trackers car rental companies can easily evaluate each customer’s driving behaviors. You can offer a special discount to customers who have good driving behaviors. When the vehicle is returned a detailed driving report can be printed in order to give special discount to the customers with good driving behaviors.
– Over speeding alarms
Car rental companies can set a maximum speed limit. If the limit speed is surpassed, the server can generate a notification alert to the driver.

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