Truck Fleet Monotoring Solution Truck Fleet Monitoring Solution

Background and Purpose:

  • All transportation company owners and fleet managers are trying to find a costing solution to reduce potential risk but continuously improve utilization, service and security. With the increasing number of truck fleet transportation of dangerous goods, such as liquefied petroleum gas, petroleum, chemicals, driving safety monitoring issue is always a big challenge for transportation units.
  • The previous solution is the fleet manager center can only contact with drivers by high-frequency telephone. But when an accident occurs, the authorities can’t get the detailed status of the truck and have no enough time to handle the problem.

TrackSec Truck Fleet Monitoring Solution:

  • Core technology modules: in-vehicle video surveillance technology, 3G mobile communications technology, GPS satellite positioning technology, GIS geographic information technology, open platform architecture and a series of mature technology
  • Front-end Design:
    As the sizes of different truck models are different, so the number of cameras and installed locations must fully consider the actual situation of exact applications.
    Here we use normally quires a minimum of four cameras as an example:
    – #1 Car Camera: Monitor the road ahead of the truck.
    Mount on the seat in front of the car roof, facing the front surface of the lens, shooting in front of the road, traffic information signs, traffic lights, etc., can record vehicle status, driving conditions in front of the vehicle.
    – #2 Car Camera: Cab camera
    Install on the truck cab for taking safe driving conditions and sound recording. It will help improve driver’s behavior, traffic safety protection, to provide evidence for the accident.
    – #3 Car Camera: Tank cameras
    Install in the bottom of the truck. Shot toward the outside of the tank (the status of the fuel tank cap and display data tanker)
    – #4 Car Camera: Car body camera
    Mount on the rear top of the truck outside roof, the lens shots backward, can basically shoot into the load or unload status of the truck and road condition
  • Front Pickups and Speakers:
    – The front-end sound system is used for real-time capture sound and dialogue of the truck, initiated by the call center.
  • Digital video and audio encoding:
    – The front-end device collect the analog video and audio signal, and connect with the 3D mobile DVR to process. First, the analog video and audio signal will be coded and compress processing then store according to the needs to upload via wireless network.

Analog Digital Processing

  • GPS positioning module:
    We use the U-Blox GPS module; enable the device fast boost and fast positioning.
    The device receives the positioning information from GPS (Global Position System) and regularly sends to the management center via wireless network transmission. The management center can get the Vehicle information, such as geo-coordinates, speed, and direction.
  • Emergency alarm button (optional) :
    You can install an emergency alarm button on the vehicle, in the event of an emergency vehicle, drivers and passengers can be triggered by the alarm button, alarm management center to react quickly managed center.
  • LCD display (optional):
    We can install a 7-inch color LCD display for the driver to check the videos. The display uses progressive scanning resolution of 800 × 600. The driver can switch the display case inside or outside the truck via a remote control. You can choose single window or four windows. And the driver can operate the display with basic functions, such as: query data, system upgrades, data downloads and other features.

Truck Fleet Monitoring Solution Benefits and Features:
1. Real-time Monitoring, GPS Tracking
– H.264 encoding format ensures high compression ratio and image clarity
– Support boost recording, timing recording and alarm recording
– Support ACC turn off delay
– Built-in GPS, you can live monitor video, vehicle location and playback historical videos via 3G networks remotely.
– Support mobile remote monitoring
Real-time Monitoring
2. Fleet Dispatch Management
– With route adjustment, operation monitoring management function
– Visualization dispatch command, voice broadcast
– Two-way voice communication system with driver and call center
– Process emergence situation timely, such as: traffic congestion, vehicle breakdowns, accidents and so on.
Dispatch function
3. GPS Tracking and Historical Route Playback
– Mark the route in blue line on the digital map.
– Automatic real-time refresh the latest position of the truck
– Support historical route record playback in the digital map
GPS historical record playback
4. Security Alarm:
– Support customized safety parameters value limits.
– Automatically alarms will be triggered by fatigue driving, in or out geo-fence area, over speed, illegal parking etc.
Security Alarm
5. Fuel Level Management:
– Real-time detect the fuel level of the tank via fuel level sensor.
– It will trigger an alarm, if the fuel level suddenly changed dramatically, then effectively prevent fuel stealing.
Fuel Level Sensor
6. Real-time Monitoring Cargos:
– Using the smart RFID electronic lock to automatically identify and collect cargo information within a certain distance.
– Enable clients to control the whole flow of cargoes moving in real time to ensure the security of assets
Smart RFID Electronic Lock

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