School Bus

School Bus Camera System Background and Purpose:

  • Private use serious and fleet management is very difficult
  • Increased school bus expense and overhead costs
  • Serious overload or empty running, irregularly vehicle checking
  • Abuse affect school image
  • Go out the correct routes and fail to arrive out
  • Over-speeding, fatigue driving and other serious driving behaviors
  • Various criminal activities
  • Potential risk of terrorist activities

TrackSec Solution:

Build a school bus camera system:

  • Dispatch: Monitoring the school bus status (Geo-coordinates, routine, speed, time) anywhere and anytime.
  • Imagine/Video Capture: Support up to 4 car cameras to capture the scene on the bus
  • Video Surveillance: Multi-camera to real-time dynamic control the school bus to prevent overloading or other emergent situation.
  • Alarm Function: When occurred robbery, fighting or other emergency, can timely stop the behaviors and then win the rescue time.
  • Geo-fence, speeding/cross-border alarm function: Speed limit by different areas, in and out dispatched area alarm to ensure safety.
  • Route Planning: Monitoring center can preset a fixed default route for the bus, if the school bus run out the preset route will trigger an alarm and voice remind the driver to incorrect.
  • BlackBox FX Function: Record all the relevant data according to the set time interval to provide the evidence for judging the cause of the accident.
  • Smart Sign On and Off Function: Our mobile DVR terminal supports recognition and collecting student information via contact IC or RFID mode. And upload the information to the monitoring center, then generate corresponding students sign in report.

System Workflow Diagram:

School Bus Management Solution Workflow Diagram

Installation Guide:

School Bus Surveillance System Installation Guide

School Bus Surveillance Camera System Benefits and Features:

1. Real-time Monitoring, GPS Tracking

– H.264 encoding format ensures high compression ratio and image clarity

– Support boost recording, timing recording and alarm recording

– Support ACC turn off delay

– Built-in GPS, you can live monitor video, vehicle location and playback historical videos via 3G networks remotely.

– Support mobile remote monitoring

Real-time Monitoring and GPS tracking

2. Authentication and Passenger Counting:

– Connect with Card Reader to authenticate, count passengers to avoid mistakes.

– Real-time count the number of students getting up/off in each station to avoid missing students, as well as the students left in the bus, causing an accident.

Fingerprint IC card

3. Instant Voice Feature:

– Make voice calls, network intercom, voice broadcasting

– Instant communication between management center with school bus

4. Driver Behavior Management:

Studies show that driver behavior impacts both fuel economy and vehicle repair and maintenance to a tremendous degree:

– To supervise the driver’s behaviors, such as: over speed, rapid acceleration, deceleration, idle, braking and other easy to dangerous behaviors.

– Establishing a policy based on driver behavior analysis

School Bus Driver

5. Intelligent SMS Alerts:

– Our intelligent system will send a message to their parents, informing the time of get on/off, location. Easy for parent to pick the time

6. Yaw Alarm:

– Pre-set fixed driving route for the school bus , when the school bus driver is not driving in accordance with a predetermined line, the center will automatically send voice alarm, central terminal can communicate with the car via voice intercom.

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