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For construction companies or equipment owners, it is special important that find a solution to improve efficiency, minimize downtime, reduce maintenance costs, and ultimately improve service availability.

TrackSec construction equipment tracking solution can monitor a variety of inputs including:

– Digital, that can be connected to sensors monitoring information such as power, lights, doors, etc.
-Analog, that can be connected to sensors monitoring temperature, load, humidity, fuel level, voltage levels, etc.
– RS232 serial, that can be connected to the devices themselves and relay transmissions directly from the equipment
– GPS location
– Motion detection, that can be used to indicate unauthorized removal
– Audio, for remote voice monitoring

Check the main features of TrackSec Tracking solutions:

– Real-time tracking
– Real-Time Alerts and Notifications
– Control the equipment conducting power resets, remotely unlocking access doors, etc.
– Crash detection and analysis
– Vehicle status monitoring
– Basic OBDII PID monitoring
– Remote control of vehicle functions
– Vehicle security and emergency management
– Self powered applications
– Waterproof enclosures
– Harsh Driver behavior management
– Integrated fleet maintenance software
– Tyre pressure and temperature module
– Driver management
– User defined geofencing with custom speed limits and proximity alerts
– User defined notifications
– Custom user roles
– Speed by Road

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