Background and Purpose:

Public bus is a high efficient and essential transportation tool for every city in the world now. At the same time, bus in use process is also faced with more and more problems: theft on bus, robbery, fights or other crime behaviors. Though the Police Station made a lot of effort to anti-theft in bus, the situation is still very serious in mobile buses. The Bus companies and the public security administration is trying to find a better solution to solve the problems. Record videos on the bus at any time, as a memory and evidence is very is very important in many cases.

So how can we record the scene in a serious vibration, unstable power, serious interference and dusty environment? Based on mobile digital video recording devices,  our company provide some good bus camera systems to solve the above problems. It can not only live record high-definition video on the bus environment, but also has more security features, such as routine recording.

TrackSec Solution:

Building a video surveillance bus camera system:

  • Audio, Video Surveillance
  • GPS Accurate Tracking to Get the Bus Routine Record
  • Alter and Alarm Functions for Emergence Situation
  • Speed Detect
  • 3G, Wi-Fi, GPRS Video and Data Transmission
  • Bus Electronic Scheduling System
  • Multi Ends Platform Displays

System Workflow Diagram:

Bus Solution System Workflow Diagram

Bus Camera Systems Installation Guide:

Camera Installation Guide

Bus Camera Systems Features and Benefits:

1. Real-time Monitoring, GPS Tracking

  • H.264 encoding format ensures high compression ratio and image clarity
  • Support boost recording, timing recording and alarm recording
  • Support ACC turn off delay
  • Built-in GPS, you can live monitor video, vehicle location and playback historical videos via 3G networks remotely.
  • Support mobile remote monitoring

Real-time Bus Surveillance System

2. Automatic Station Broadcast

  • Support safe riding tips, transfer alert, over speeding alarm, hourly chime
  • Support manual reporting stations and GPS automatic station

Automatic Station Broadcast

3. Compatible with Bus POS Machine

  • Can connect with bus POS system to automatically receive and store scheduling system fee.
  • Support bus card consumption and statistic various consumption data

Compatible with Bus POS

4. Operation Scheduling and Transportation Dispatch

  • Vehicle GPS Tracking System
  • GIS Map System
  • Vehicle Transportation Dispatch
  • Report Statistics



5. Bus LED Advertising Release

  • Control and release bus LED advertising, including business advertising, public information, government policies, traffic information, weather forecasts and so on.

Bus LED Advertising

6. Voice Features

  • Support voice telephone, voice broadcast, network intercom.

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