Capacitive Fuel Level Sensor A-C28

, ProductCapacitive Fuel Level Sensor A-C28

Capacitive Fuel Level Sensor A-C28

The Capacitive Liquid Sensor can be cut to different length to fit tanks with different heights.With capacitance as the sensitive element, Capacitive fuel level sensor continuous detects the height of the fuel level with less than 1mm resolution.It is an excellent solution for GPS fuel tracking applications with wild range of power supply, easy installation and high resulation.

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Product Description

Capacitive Fuel Level Sensor A-C28

– Sensor length: 200~ 1500mm customizable
– Resolution: ≤1mm
– Power Supply: DC10V ~ 32V
– Operating current: < 15mA
– Working temperature: -40 ~ +85℃
– Material of the tubes: Aluminum ally
– Application environment: diesel, biodiesel, gasoline, kerosene (Not applicable to conducting medium)
– Protection rank: IP65

Due to different fuel types, calibration is essential before using this fuel level sensor.
The calibrator should used with the fuel sensor together. It requires 12V/ 23A battery
Red light is the power light. If the light isn’t on when switch on, battery replacement is needed;
Green light is the calibration light. Full/ Empty button is showed in above picture.

Connection Pins:

Fuel Sensor Connection

Pin1: VCC(10~32V);
Pin2: V out (0.5~4.5V/ );
Pin3: GND;
Pin4: Connect to calibrator/sensor TX;
Pin5: Connect to calibrator;
Pin6: Connect to calibrator;