Smart Fall Detector, GPS Tracker and Man Down Alarm PT04E

Smart Fall Detector, GPS Tracker and Man Down Alarm PT04E

Smart Fall Detector, GPS Tracker and Man Down Alarm PT04E

Smart fall detector can real-timely monitor the status of the aged people. When aged people fall down, it can automatically send SMS to another person's mobile phone, so that an aid can be provided immediately. If aged people feel unwell, he/she can press the Control Button for three seconds to make a calling to the related phone,to obtain the best rescue time.

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Smart Fall Detector, GPS Tracker and Man Down Alarm PT04E

Main Functions:
1、Automatic warning after falling down
– When the device detects falling down, it will speak “Attention please, Falling has been detected, message will be sent immediately”. After the voice continues for 20 seconds, the device will send warning message “Automatic warning. The device carrier may fall down. Please contact” every 1 minute. Meantime, it will speak “It is an emergency I need help.”
– When the device detects that the device owner is standing, it will automatically stop speaking and sending warning message. Meantime, the device will send message”. The device carrier is on normal condition”.
– When the device detects that the Control Button is pressed, it will automatically stop speaking and sending warning message. Meantime, it will send the message that shows “Alarm was canceled by pressing the button.”
– During the device speaks: “Attention please, Falling has been detected, message will be sent immediately.”, if the owner press the Control Button, the device will cancel sending warning message. Meantime, it will speak “Message has been cancelled.”

2、Call function
The call function includes two mode, active call and passive call. Active call: the device can call the binding number; Passive call: every phone can call the device.

– Active call
Press the Control key for 3 seconds, the device will automatically dial the binding number.
– Passive call
When the device is called, it will ring. Press Control Key to answer the call.
– Press Control key to end the call during phone call.
– The device will send SMS message “The owner would like to get in touch with you!” to the binding number in case that the binding number rejects or fails responding.


When the owner falling down, the device will position twice, for the first time is a base station positioning, error in about 100 meters, the second is GPS positioning function, to realign the location, and location accuracy can reach 15 meters.
Location information parsing:
– The phones with Android system and with IOS system can be installed our location analysis APP, according to the software instructions, can be accessed directly from the phone after setting electronic map view the main location.
The phone without android and IOS system can input “Google maps” from the GPS latitude and longitude coordinates in the device, open the electronic map to view. The user can directly input the GPS “N34.829482 E107.284923” into the “Google maps”, can study on internet.

The methods of PT04G software obtain the position of the owner:
– Send a query (CX) messages to the device through the binding phone or by location analysis software, obtaining the owner’s current position information.
– when the device send alarm messages to the binding number, will have the current position information.

GPS function notice:
– When the product in the environment where can not to be located, the location information the user access, is the last successful location information.
– When you turn on the device just now, GPS will need time to locate, the time is closely related to the environment the wearer in.
– Before the successful positioning, unable to obtain the owner’s location information.

Unable avoiding problems in the GPS:
– Positioning accuracy have much to do with environment the device in, more open place, higher accuracy; on the other hand, the positioning accuracy decreases, such as in cars, in buses.
– When the device is indoors, the GPS basically can’t position. But beside the window, sometimes can successful position, but position deviation may be more.
– When the above of the device are blocked by the object, will lose GPS positioning capability (except clothes and so on).
– The GPS , in the same position and different time, the positioning of the effect will be difference, is caused by GPS satellite moving.

4、Check device status

Through binding number phone send “CX” messages or by analytic map software send query function to the device, the device will reply with message including battery volume, temperature information, and device position.

5、Send multiple SMS

This function can be on or off. If the function is on, the device will send multiple SMS to all binding mobile phones.
Notice: No more than five mobile phone numbers can be banded with the device.

6、Time prompt

According to the time setting, the device will send messages to the binding phone. The message information includes battery volume, temperature information, and device position information.

7、Low power reminding

When the power of battery is low, the device will speak “Power is low, please charge the battery!” every 5 minutes and send message “Low battery!” to the binding mobile. Meantime, the battery light will flash.

8、Switch on prompt
Children or guardian can real-time know the owner’s rest time, after the device is switched on in the morning, it will send message “The device is in operation.” to the binding mobile phone.

9、Automatic emergency function:

This device can also be placed on the bed in the evening for a rainy day, if you feel unwell or in emergency, just gently push down to the device.