Full HD Car Dashboard Camera with GPS Logger & Speed Camera Detector DC01

Full HD Car Dashboard Camera with GPS Logger & Speed Camera Detector DC01

Full HD Car Dashboard Camera with GPS Logger & Speed Camera Detector DC01

TrackSec – High performance Car Dashboard Camera, black box: 2304x1296p resolution, FULL HD 1080p@45FPS, english menu, speed camera detection, GPS, G-Sensor, night mode, motion detection, loop recording, two types of glass holders, LCD display, LED illumination, snapshot function, video lock, HDR function for better picture, Interchangeable polarizing and UV filters – optional

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Product Description

TrackSec Full HD Car Dashboard Camera with GPS Logger & Speed Camera Detector DC01

– Shoot high resolution up to Full HD 1296P
GPS logger allows you to monitor the routine, speed and time, and let you synchronize these meta data with the captured video with our free DVR player.
Speed camera detector provides voice alerts which announce the type of camera and the speed limit, providing all the vital information without even needing to take your eyes off the road.
Loop recording function allows the user to endless record. Once the memory is full, the camera will automatically record over the previous files and replace them with new content.
G-sensor can detect the movement of your vehicle through 3 axis.This information can display using the free player software and help analyse when an incident an automatically lock the recording file being produced at siginificant or sudden movement
– 2.7″ HD LCD screen (16:9 LCD) with multi-laungage menu
– Option for locking of favourite videos/photos during record
Night Mode: no matter at dusk, at night or in other low light conditions, TrackSec dashboard camera can shoot clear and high quality images.
Motion detection enables the camera starts recording any time once motion is detected. If someone damage your car, the camera will record everything. You can pass this clear evidence onto police, including the licence plate or the face of the offender.
– Interchangeable Circular-Polarizing and UV filters (Optional): These filters protect your lens and provide an even higher image quality. The CPL filter ensures the removal of any unpleasant reflections, glare and obtrusive elements from the windscreen of the car. The UV filter provides greater vibrancy and saturation, making the whole image look natural.
Backlit Keys are perfectly visible when using the camera at night. You can turn off if it’s not needed.
– Quick and easy installation due to the permanent adhesive 3M mount
– LED illumination

– Video resolution:
– Chipset: Ambarella A7LA50
– Sensor: 4.0 Mega CMOS Sensor OV4689,Low light night vision
– Lens: F/NO=2.0, 110°-120°Horizon Angle in 1296P
– Format and compression:
MOV Format
H.264 Compression
– Built-in microphone, disable button whilst recording or in the menu
– LCD display: 2,7“ 16:9 disable button whilst recording or in the menu
– GPS logger: Yes
– G-sensor: Yes (optional to adjust sensitivity)
– Micro SD slot: up to 32GB
– Interchangeable filters:CPL and UV (OPTIONAL)
– Loop recording: Yes(Continuous video without loosing a second Automatically overwrites oldest file Select loop lenght)
– Locking files against overwriting: Yes (Turn function on at the touch of a button whilst recording)
– Auto start:Yes (Support auto start when powered on Automatic shutdown when powered off)
– Display:
– Date and time
– Video speed
– Video location
– Language: Czech, English, German, Polish, Hungarian, Russian, Chinese
– Motion detection: Yes (Option to adjust sensitivity)
– Ports: USB 2.0; HDMI
– Battery: Built-in 280mAh
– Charger:12-24V Charger
– Dimensions: 103 x 51 x 40mm