How to Extend GPS Tracker Battery Life

How to Extend GPS Tracker Battery Life?

The essence of GPS tracking is to give you real time information about the location and other details of a particular item. This can only be guaranteed if the battery used on the tracker remains active. The secret to maintaining contact with your item of interest and accessing historical data of the monitored object is to prolong the GPS tracker battery life for as long as possible. Here are tips to ensure that your GPS tracker runs for as long as possible.

Purchase Device from Professional Manufacturers- there are several important questions you must to ask the suppler in advance: What is the working voltage? What is the working current? How many types of tracking modes the device supports? What type of battery is the use? How many days is the standby time for 1 report daily?  Figure 1 is the battery life test results of TrackSec GPS Trackers for different tracking settings. You can see the longest standby time can last almost 1000 days (1 report daily under SMS normal mode):

TrackSec GPS Tracker Battery Life Test Result

Figure 1 TrackSec GPS Tracker Battery Life Test Result

Work with external battery kit together- There are many external batteries can be used when you need to extend the device battery life, for example, TrackSec A-C18 external battery kit is really a good gadget for your GPS trackers. The built-in 17600mAh capacity can extend the battery life of GPS tracker to several years. And the pel ican box with watertight, crushproof and dustproof features can handle a variety of different environments

External Battery kit

Figure 2 TrackSec A-C18 External Battery Kit

Choose your exercises or runs carefully- it is not always that you need to track the location of your subject. In this case, it is recommended that you switch off the GPS function. This is one of the functions that consumes a lot of power and will deplete the battery in a very short time. For instance, when filming your house or premises for security purposes, you do not need location tracking. This will keep the tracker running longer.

Number of alarms- you definitely don’t need all the alarms installed on your tracker. Evaluate the functions you require and only activate the necessary ones. This will prolong your GPS tracker battery life to a reasonable extent. Some of the alarms can also be deleted to enhance the other functions.

Auto On and Off– when you need to track the location of your subject, you will require GPRS. However, in some instances, it is not active which means that you cannot reach the subject. GPS timeout limits the duration your tracker searches for a signal. Searching the item all the time greatly depletes your GPS tracker battery life. When allowed to continue for long, it will be exhausted within hours. The search resumes after a while until the signal is strong enough.

GPS time to fix- this is the time taken to recognize the signal and register a position. It should be reduced to the minimum possible time. 40 seconds are enough if the field is good. If the signal is not available, it will be registered as time out. A shorter time-to-fix gives you a longer GPS tracker battery life.

Notifications– manufacturers have installed notifications on trackers to provide regular updates. Some of these notifications are not necessary and can be deactivated or canceled. This is the best option to prolong your GPS tracker battery life. You also may distant the notification to reduce their frequency. Every notification consumes power which would otherwise have been used to prolong basic operations.

Comprehensive monitoring of your vehicle or equipment relies heavily on whether the tracker is on or off. It is therefore important to keep it on for the longest time possible. The measures proposed above with lengthen your GPS tracker battery life without costing extra money.

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