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Empowering Tracking Solutions

  • Hosted tracking software specifically for solution providers
  • Platform can be customised to reflect different requirements (provider or end client) incl. domain details
  • Feature rich functionality in an intuitive user friendly interface
  • Cloud based and accessed via any web browser or smartphone (separate mobile friendly portal)
  • Suite of analysis and diagnostic tools for solution providers
  • Cost effective and flexible pricing model

Powerful Functionality

  • Best set of scalable location based tools in the industry
  • Real time visibility and control of assets regardless of location
  • Detailed device telemetry can be viewed for analysis or troubleshooting
  • Traditional ‘breadcrumb’ trip view with underlying details
  • Ability to easily create multishape geo-zones (including polygons)
  • Geo-zone flexibility include keep-in, no-go, location identification and routes definition
  • Notifications, alerts and reports against defined geo-zones and resultant events

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TrackSec Hosted Tracking Software

Powerful Functionality

  • Unique asset state feature allows the system to assign a given ‘state’ to an asset based on a configurable list of rules
  • Real time visibility of asset states, or retrospectively using trip history, or reports

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Graphic Visualization

  • Graphic visualisation of trip details
  • Representation of speed data against actual location speed limits, user defined maximums or customised geo-zone limits.
  • Ability to capture and visualise other important data (RPM, temperature, fuel levels etc)
  • Rating profile feature facilitates driver behaviour management
  • Platform supports wide range of tracking devices – most leading brands integrated

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Proactive Notification

  • Event and notification alerts can be triggered using multiple arguments strings – catering for most circumstances.
  • Alerts can either be sent by e-mail or SMS
  • Detailed customisation allows providers to focus on driving value and solving business problems for clients
  • Maintenance reminders can be set based on asset parameters (ODO, time based or engine runtime)

Extensive Reporting

  • System reports are highly customisable and can be generated on an ad-hoc or scheduled basis.
  • Scheduled reports are automatically emailed to specific recipients.
  • Reporting of ‘raw data’ to facilitate diagnostics
  • Open API for building custom features or integration with 3rd parties

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