Bus Automatic Passenger Counting System VPC01

Why Count Passenger?

The automatic passenger counting data is crucial for bus fleet management. With the Bus Automatic Passenger Counting System, you can get the detailed real-time traffic movement for different routes and different stops.

– Optimize the current Bus Routes, according to the accuracy ridership data.
– Based on passenger data, optimize the existing bus lines.
According to the statistics of passenger reports, adjust the vehicle and driver configuration, optimize the site settings, improve efficiency.
– To help determine when to add a new bus line.
According to the passenger flow report, passenger flow points, you can develop a new route plan.
– Help managers to analyze each bus line should be configured several cars? How many cars requires. The number of passengers on a line is determined by the total number of passengers on the route. Long cars and short cars to match, you can improve the peak passenger capacity.
– Analyze when to start?
Through the analysis of passenger traffic flow will be produced out of a schedule, the general schedule can be scheduled to start, if there is a sudden large passenger flow, you can manually adjust the start schedule.
– Optimize the buses operation time.
If the full load rate is high, the operation time can be extended appropriately. If the full load rate is low, the operation time may be shortened.
If it is also a line of passenger-intensive, can open the night bus line.
– Do you need a transit car?
By analyzing the passenger flow data, it can be seen that some stations have significantly more than the average passenger flow. You can add a range of vehicles in a certain period of time

Comparison To Other Passenger Counting Solutions:

SolutionsTrackSec Intelligent Video

Analysis Count

2nd Generation: Thermal counters1st Generation: Infrared Beam Counters
FeaturesWe use unique artificial intelligent algorithms perform counting using camera imaging by counting the number of people directly from video tape
– Support side by side counting
– Support boarding and alighting  two-way counting
– High Accuracy: 98% or above
Use array sensors that detect heat sources
– cannot be mounted on a high ceiling without using a narrow angle lens
– have difficulty measuring the dwell time of targets beyond a few seconds
– difficult to verify the accuracy of the counter
– Accuracy is unstable with significant variations in thermal conditions
– Don’t support side by side counting
– The simplest single horizontal infrared beam across the doors.
– Accuracy is less than 60%

Main Features and Functions:

– Quick Operational Effectiveness
With the on-board system, it can send real-time data to the cloud platform and back office immediately.
– Real Time Information When & Where You Need It
Boarding and alighting data associated with location, time, route, and stop is immediately available on your desktop for decision making.
– Consolidated Information
Ridership, schedule and all other operational data reside in a single, powerful database. No data transfers required.
– Facilitates Service Improvement
Proactively administer the transit system with real-time information. Carry out better long-range planning.
– WIFI Communication Optional
Automatically uploads and downloads via wireless broadband at no additional cost.
– Flexible, Accurate Reporting
The industry’s most advance ridership analysis software promptly generates just about any kind of report.
– Quick Time to Value
Cut your implementation costs drastically. Realize efficiencies from start to finish of your ridership analysis process.
– Real-time analysis, accuracy is up to 95% or more.
– Built-in infrared, to adapt to a variety of light environment
– Adaptability, can distinguish between two directions, side by side, stranded, wandering and so on
– Support real-time switch door signal detection
– Interface rich, comes with RS485, easy to extension many more functions.
– Support GPS / GSM / Wifi and so on

passenger counting camera

Intelligent Video Sensor CA120

– 700 lines of high definition imaging

– 2.8 mm lens (ultra wide-angle)

– Poe power supply (compatible with analysis terminal)

– long service life

automatic passenger counter

Smart Video Analysis Terminal  VPC01
– Supports 4 video analysis at the same time
– Easy installation
– Integrated SIM card slot (support 2G / 3G / 4G)
– Integrated GPS Tracking function
– Integrated WIFI module
– Integrated RS232/RS485 (docking with other on-board equipment)


Smart Video Analysis Algorithm SVAS v3.9

– Comprehensive accuracy rate of 95 ~ 99%

– Support side by side, multi-directional statistics

– Separable spacing of only 2 cm objects

– Integrated shadow circumvention algorithm (to avoid light interference)

– Access to the onboard switch signal via CAN (to improve accuracy)

Client Management Platform

Login Interface:

bus passenger counter login interface

Routes Navigation:

Routes Navigate

Stops Statistics:

Stops Statistics

Real-time Monitoring:

Real-time Monitoring

Historical Route Query:

Historical Route Query


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